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yungecks – move it lyrics


i don’t gotta flex but i do it
look at b+tch
and how she move it
gotta watch my back
yea i move quick
she call me on my phone
i’m like who this
she said her name
and i was like no b+tch
medics on the table
the demons in my head tell my to take it
my main b+tch say don’t take it
so i roll up a blunt
and face it
never liked school
everybody hatin’
that’s how people move
don’t like to many girls
but u got the perfect groove
this sh+t isn’t to easy
but lyrical i don’t gotta improve
kids ask me how can i be famous
i told them be you
f+ck fake pеople
they gotta removе
i’m doin’ this for everyone
i don’t wanna dissaprove
all that talkin’
just do it like nike
got my money
got my weed
yea i need that sh+t high+key
everybody hatin’
but wanna be like me
yea my chain is super icy yea it’s super shiny
it’s pricey ’cause it’s icy
yea my plug gave me free green
my mans told me stop sippin’ lean
sh+t get me creative
so i told him what do u mean
he said u gonna overdose
u be sippin’ since u where thirteen
b+tches got their head in their screen
that’s the sh+t i’ve seen
got one chick she’s an queen
imma die at the age of nineteen
don’t wanna see my momma cry
so i gotta get clean