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yvncc – stag lyrics


ask me sh-t: “why you ain’ blow up?”
save it ‘n serve it to the birds, cuh
big cl!ckd up, you do not know us
thought you’d get inna way of my lunch

not like they gon hear me right, f-ck a reason
fdubc ‘n we getcha fa treason
just talmbout dey changing up like the season
every person round that sh-t make me queasy

tryin’ stretch my neck in this 2 series
but i can’t
just like i can’t understand why the f-ck they mad

follow me to get at freddie, get ya head crackt
f-cking with me just for him getcha head smakkt

they makin uh trash, the track not gas
you need to relax, you need to get back

werewolf therewolf, hitchu right in the back
heard they was jumpin’ for splak ‘n attack

f-ckin’ with me, cuz ho i’ma mack
move it around, ion fit in the lines
and who’s there to blame
you seen the signs

just don’t come for me and mines

all of that blabber an nun come with it
playn’ it up like they was committed
i be thinking “get it get it g-get it”
onna back end i be like “i’ma spend it”

throwin up 50 like they was set trippn’?
na see i strictly get it off my hippn’
swear to god his sh-t come on i’ma skip it
if that bullsh-t come on i’ma skip it