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yung $hawty flexin – nonsense lit mix lyrics


(nonsense from khiyou and y$f)

ima do it again for you n-gg-s who sleeping wake up from your naps
$hawty flexin and p$b already k!lled this beat ima hit it with a double tap
my bars gonna hurdle over your mind like a motherf-cking running back
n-gg- get your girl she keep on f-cking coming back
on my d-ck she running track she wanna take another lap
i bring the heat so simple, bars make you lean like limbo
hitting buns counting bread like bimbo, hitting b-tches with my d-ck extendo
popping on me(x2) popping like a pimple
that fire make them read like a n-gg- was a kindle
i told that b-tch i’m bout to bust cause she was sucking like a nipple
said she wanted my kids i bust a nut up in her dimple
nonsense nonsense you n-gg-s need to stop talking it, ill put you under like i’m cutting lumber make you timber all in your coffin b-tch, that chitter chatter ain’t gonna help you scatter i ain’t really with all of that talking sh-t, ill leave you bl–dy and you coughing b-tch this banger gon be yo favorite hit(x2)

(nonsense from jodii$tone and y$f)

i be rocking at my shows like johnny cage
if hands go at the neck off the wall, taste the lace
said sorry mr. kelly only f-cking that b-tch if she’s of age
i can’t hear that nonsense, so much loud in my face
i drip on yo b-tch with that zona
eject her out the whip like a soldier
you came and scooped right off the corner
still cuffin that when she told you
nonsense, i ain’t with that sh-t
nonsense, stomp a n-gg- in his sh-t
nonsense, rolling stone i’m in the whip
she lost in the snow like she phifer
hit the bird with my snake in the viper
gin sip for that tat, i’m a lifer
lantic jewels on my neck i’m a diver
nonsense i ain’t with that
money trees on yo b-tch blowing good pack
nonsense, g$b, liu kang wide range
better watch when we kick back
almighty like the rza
go on(gohan) i gotta watch my temper
jack the beat now ima ripper
and ya b-tch she out the crib ain’t even finish pulling up my zipper

(nonsense from $ityxkidxlil and y$f)

okay now money bread work it’s gon make her twerk
she’s a grapefruit it’s gon make her squirt
make her screen “yeah” lil uzi vert
my neck getting kinda hot, it need some more brr
just like my wrist sub zero fist but i got fire like i’m hanzo
ima bring the pain like motherf-cking nagato
think the squad is ninjas all we drop is bijuu bombs
n-gg-s talking nonsense myoih myoih doddle bob
talk the nonsense you gon get your squad hit
leave yo -ss splattered like a f-cking pop zit
yo whole gang played out like a f-cking pop hit
they ain’t doing what we doing(what they doing?) not sh-t
k!ll these n-gg-s and they ain’t on my conscience
got her wetter than the waves as soon as we drop sh-t
pockets fat and nice not santa clause b-tch
so don’t work bout my bag what’s inside is not a gift

(nonsense from o$o and y$f)

what up vatos! it’s ya boy o$o
of course i’m on the remix, don’t act like you ain’t know so
right here that tnt, you know we bout to blow, blow
don’t bring your girl around me or she might be leaving slow, slow
oooooh! yeah, we f-cking lit
still screaming krakatoa before i go and spit
got the flames shooting out like from the fire nation
we buring down the roof, call us the fire station
you said what?? you said that we the truth??
of course we are, we represent the youth
we moving faster than the spread of the flu
but the only thing ill is my gang and my jewels
ain’t talking nonsense, nonsense(x4)

(nonsense from p$b and y$f)

p$b, i don’t talk no nonsense
p-ssy boy talking that sh-t
tell him be smooth
tell him be cautious
he don’t want smoke
he don’t want no beef
my n-gg-s ruthless
you n-gg-s folish
sneak diss on the squad
we like oh nah
you must be stupid
we bring that heat like miami
you p-ssy n-gg-s sweet like some candy
ima savage, no relation to randy
i am not patrick, the police can’t can me
that bihh wanna f-ck but can’t stand me
i tell her to lay low and eat nuts like sandy
n-gg-s try to swing but i dodge when they ram me
there is no cheating when you try to exam me

yung shawty flexing
yo b-tch i stay s-xin
we ride up in my whip and the b-tch start undressing
i pull over to the right, she start jerking me with her left
i’m impressed. then again i’m just talking nonsense
nonsense, talking talking nonsense
all you hating -ss n-gg-s wanna come hop on our trend
then again again vici gang are trendsetters
v’s up no vendetta
i’m all about my skrilla n-gg- chasing that cheddar
i got khi, jodii, and $ity with me
you know i can’t forget p$b
o$o that’s my f-cking g
man shouts to my n-gg- kobe
always got love for trice trice
all them n-gg-s my family
run up it’ll turn into a murder scene
until then p-ssy don’t disturb the peace

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