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zac x – voicemail 46 lyrics


[character the glitch]

love is like the both of us long nights cuddled up. wait

if i died doing what i loved it’s a heart attack while you make eye contact in missionary

whenever i say that i love you it feels like im leaving a stain
i can’t mumble those three words without feeling the pain

baby listen

know i got a hating n-gg- upset
cuz his baby mama is a chicken head
ion f-ck with birds, know i love bread

i been living my life, tryna find a wife. we don’t fuss or fight but they don’t want that sh-t. they just want the pipe. i know women lie. saying i love you is just a waste of time

are you higher? do you feel higher? could you be higher? do you want to be higher? why does the unknown attract us? why do we feel higher when we finally understand the unknown? intergalactic romance

for you to understand this alb-m
you have to realize it’s not even about romance