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zach jawhar – my time lyrics


[verse 1]
this my choice, it’s my grind
i make raps and i make rhymes
i make music on the grind
i got talent and i’m not lyin
my rap too hot, i’m on fire
jammin, this beat inspired
wrote a bunch my brain was wired
not gonna lie, patience required
it’s weird, my daily basis
i rap so much in different places
negativity, i replace it
positive, man that’s my placement
made some moves, i worked hard
all this work it got me far
people laugh, i got no car
but i stay cheesin
why? ’cause i’m smart
people say you’re h-lla funny
my mood? like h-lla sunny
all the hate it’s ’cause they love me
happiness, my form of money
this my rap, this my p-ssion
this the truth and i’m not actin’
love or hate, it’s never lasting
you spend thousands
what? on fashion
much love, prayers made
palestine, god i praise
syria for the paste decade
i pray for peace, to those betrayed

this my time (time time time)
man let me live [x2]

[verse 2]
swear to god, my life’s a dream
i am blessed me and my time
no love for now, my mom’s my queen
i preach the truth, which can’t be seen
took eighteen years for me to learn
that life’s a test, so much to get earned
i’m falling down, that’s my concern
but bouncin’ back while taking turns
no short cuts, i’m self made
tough times go for tough days
throw back and i’m throwing shade
a new me, a new phase
day to day, i’m making moves
no improvement man that’s a lose
what’s the point with nothin to prove
i talk the talk, i come to use
i sit back, i cut the chase
no bank account, i leave a trace
my foot is strong, i tie my lace
i’m a workaholic, ha slow pace