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zambroa – 146 lyrics


you are the way that it looks when god lifts his hand
he says “son i know it hurts but you have to understand
love is more than comfort
it’s sacrifice and it demands
its self to get through
and its self to be the land
that you sailed all this way for
don’t drop anchor before you stand
amongst the peace of the lord
shield and sword in hand
you are a man of my favor
you are a man to whom i say
well done my beloved your soul will rest this day”

you are the truth to the broke
we never knew before we spoke
and before we learned to breath
we were made to believe
now as we take it to heart
we find the place you chose to start
this work so brief
but conscious to eternity
so i take my precious time to find that i am blind
and i sort through myself to realize this h-ll
is without you and i know
that without you i’m someone else
buried in the past
a hard wooden sh-ll

you are the life that i’ve found, living underground
i’ve had plenty of time to think
i’m ready to drink
of your cool, cool water
so cool to the touch
but it burns right through me
like i’m dry, dry brush
positioning and listening to me and my ways
conforming and restoring light to my days
like a love fresh and true
like a morning’s warming dew
my soul realizes
this is life and this is true

you’re the answer to all my love