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zee avi – darlin’ it ain’t easy lyrics


i’m down to my last
stick of cigarette
i’m down to the last thought
in my head

you saw me
packing my bags
you asked me
if i was coming back
and i told you
that i wasn’t sure
and i’m
5 steps away from out the door

darlin’ it ain’t easy
for me to say goodbye
but i have found myself another guy

you look confused
and i dont blame you
but you’re never around
enough for me to love you
me to love you

darlin’ you don’t deserve me
you don’t deserve my love
i had plenty to give
but you shrugged it off

don’t think i dont know
about the hair on the pillow
and it seems like what we had was just a show
was it all
just a show?

darlin’ it ain’t easy
for us to say goodbye
i just hope that we’ll have better lives