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zenloaded – didn’t ask! lyrics


konichiwa fumi, hai
game over
b+tch baby, ugh

[verse 1: fumiharo]
pull up on yo b+tch, and we make a movie (okay, yuh)
tell her to send me a flow, wait okay i lied
up up on my line, baby take a sign
i’m not takin’ time, you were just a side
now i’m cuttin’ tops
steal your sh+t, like a pirate
i’m on my [?] i’m crazy
got free wifi on my phone, b+tch i’m lazy
beat her, pop out, i hit her regardless
and see your, b+tch a, textin’, she callin’ me papi (papi)

[verse 2: wav]
okay i ain’t no money, i ain’t got no class (what?)
giving me this attitude, just shut the f+ck up with your sass (with the sass)
my wallet be emptier than a f+cking lays bag
stop relying on me because i ain’t your f+cking dad (i ain’t your dad)
i ain’t your dad, the way you ask for approval
i been dodging messages, where did they go i just removed them (huh?)
just removed that f+cking ping, it was annoying, hear you sing like (oh yeah yeah yeah yeah)
[verse 3: wonder]
okay like, b+tches talkin’ sh+t, and i’m spittin’ em like a [?] bone
b+tches talkin’ sh+t and they hittin’ me only track the phone
how the f+ck you know my name, i don’t hang wit’ you
[?] chop chop blade, i cut your leg off
evil b+tches that got fangs, they wanna fake wit’ you
cum is covered in propane, i set flames off
catchin’ [?] for a hundred dollar flesh+light
you can mind your business, don’t ask me about my s+x+life
she call me (ahem)

[verse 4: redboy]
wait uh, did you ask for me (no)
well that’s too bad for you
and i think you’re just too bad for me (like relief)
[?] just not satisfy enough, flexible like me (me)
careful stepping up to me
i’m prolly taller than you, by like six feet
you’re a little into me, magnifying glass
bring you to a crispy chip, then i eat you
[?] i’m kidding, that’s nasty (ew)