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zeroh – m.c.soufflé lyrics


[verse: zeroh]
uh, top of the ego rock jump down to my doomsday
who said it’s subconscious self care? make a play, aye
it rans in the field, widely received
crowd pleased on a level of no self absorption
humbly be stored upon the heroes head
a crown adorned by many th-rns
stinging like a h-rn of h-rny honey bees
he distinctively remembers a bad omen
back when he saw the baby bird just ripped open
by the fox of hopeless
stomach joking by the gross of it, i choke a bit
hopefully i don’t burn my bridges
making little of midgets tripping off the non-fiction
that at a point we all fall short of the glory
morbid stories of former oedipus records play by literature
who wore agony and protagonist make giant miniature
many mature under the pretense yet she don’t need the weed
so they take on the tone of the nation
based on the discovery of power and glory
the economy’s a joke, pushing a punchline limted
ain’t sh-t funny, ain’t sh-t funny, ain’t sh-t funny
this fluoridated water is filling up his tummy, filling up his tummy, filling up his tummy
he thinks he’s smart but he’s really just a dummy, really just a du-du-dummy, du-du-the
starving artist painting a dark scene sunny, dark scene sunny, a dark scene sunny
man you know just who you are
a supernova star
you know exactly who you are, kaboom
like a supernova star
heads blown from too much heat
meek defeat based on wealth and luck (you will self destruct)
you are the play thing of a gods
you and all your supernova star’s
master chef souffle, master chef, master chef, souffle (souffle)
you won’t be feasting much today
not at all (not at all)
feeding much today
master chef souffle