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zombina the skeletones – zombie hop lyrics


in a demon dragster hittin’ warp speed ten,
emissions nocturne as i meet a dead end,
through a hill o’ beans to an early groove,
to the zombie hop where i can shake my shoes.

yeah, you gotta swing it right,
at the zombie hop tonight,
beelzebub and mickey devil wait inside for me.

i caught a zeroplane to voodootown,
some chicken beads to chilli down,
bleeding eyes make a red u-bend,
situation me no comprehend.

yeah you gotta swing it right…
yeah you gotta swing it at the zombie hop tonight,
at the zombie hop tonight now baby,
yeah, wo-o-o-oah!

superglue for my broken dreams,
runnin’ and cryin’ ’til it’s past our means,
is there a doctor in this house?
apes in sp-ce and stepping out.