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zona man – flexin intro lyrics


i’m the champ at this sh-t, and i’m undefeated
i got a stamp on a brick, plus i’m stamped in the streets
i got a lamp on these n-ggas cuz i really need it
i got the word a b-tch, she said these n-ggas be tweakin’
they done showed us the pounds, show us some bricks
these n-ggas clown cuz she with the sh-t
and she f-ck with me cuz i hit l1cks with her brother
and between me and her, we freak and geek undercover
when i send her to you, she be so undercover
you never know it won’t blow it, love me to death but won’t show it
and she just like all my b-tches, b-tt stay right in position
treat her like wifey but mistress, key to my life, just go get it

she say this n-gga keep callin’, callin’ turn into textin’
textin’ turn into flexin’ and flexin’ turn to finessin’
i hope this nerd learned his lesson, now we ghost with the [?]
i thank the lord for the bleesin’, whip up the work and get extra

she say this n-gga keep callin’ callin’ turn into flexin’
textin’ turn into flexin’ and flexin’ turn to finessin’ (x2)

flexin’ turn to finessin’ (x8)