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zootzie – stinkbug lyrics


f+cked that b+tch, ion think he saw me
moving off the codeine imma dead man walking
gettin more money than a n+gga wanted
and im smokin on that p+ss uh imma toilet

walkin and walkin, running and running
these b+tches love me ion even like em
b+tch for the streets, she a street fighter
b+tch on my d+ck, she a d+ck rider

moving, flying around
ahhh ion make a sound
onlyy a smelll
imma stinkkkbugggg
+imma stinkbugg+

i just wanna tesla
wit diamonds on my necklace
and im flexing
you think that you got it, not impressive
ive been on my grind, on my hustle
ive been movin bricks, without a muscle
pills in my tummy, got me too full
philly be my hometown, imma young bool
got a b+tch wet, but she ain’t inna pool

+imma stiiiiiinnnnnkkkkkbuggggg+