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zuby – on site lyrics


bad man
chyea, chyea, chyea, chyea, chyeeea!
are you down with zuby?
ok, check it, yo, yo

[verse 1]
i’m your momma’s favourite rapper…
she said i’m the next eminem
i told her i was blacker
they say image is a factor…
i just grew out my beard
i’m not a terrorist attacker
but if you’re talking wordplay i’m the summit of a threat
spit and leave these haters running like their stomach is upset
and it’s peak with no imodium, left leaning on linoleum
guess you could say i tear a bum apart like i’m napolean
that’s a vacancy, wit with no complacency
take my talent graciously and k!ll these records gracefully
fans are daily rating me, couple people hating me
but wouldn’t say i’ve made it till these groupies dream of raping me
pardon that fans i’m on a mission to get bigger
so mentally and physically i train to be a winner
percy miller with the vision there’s no limit to my vigour
i’m a smart black man don’t ever take me for a…

zuby got the show hype
love it cuz i flow tight
we can do this all night
you can get it onsite
(on site! on site! on site!
on site! on site! on site!)
honey’s looking so right
and she’s on that grown vibe
told you i have no type
she can get it onsite
(on site! on site! on site!
on site! on site! on site!)

[verse 2]
now let me welcome you to my home… (chyeeea!)
where all the white girls love me
like i’m starbucks and an iphone
so please respect my rhyme tone…
or i will dragon punch you homie
into a different time zone (shoryuken!)
brain is full of randomness, the -ssonance is hazardous
i strive to be magnanimous but average is for amateurs
lyrical lothario, hard and flowing ravenous
and always skipping cardio but breath control is fabulous
yes! i’m sorry for the damages
i was a conscious rapper till they put me with the savages
children stay in school, don’t sniff glue from out of canisters
ride your bike with freddy sing some rhapsodies on camera
like ‘we are the champions’, industry the challengers
you bit the dust a while ago, now you just some ramblers
keep egging me on, till i crack you like some scramblers
and flash you in a pan so you’ll be crispy when i yam at ya!


chyeeea! bad man
chyea, chyea, chyea, chyea
are you down with zuby?