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#003 lucci – shhh lyrics


[verse 1]
this sh+t not tit for tat we hit them n+ggas they never hit back
boy get back if they shut they mouth the opps wouldn’t keep getting patched
and thats facts you say u got the zaa i got cookies lets match
roll they pack jay he bound to score he got his name from that
time to black boy we up on score and opps gotta give us that
boy we demons we ain’t got to diss y’all know who did that
who gone do something ’bout it y’all some p+ssies y’all know y’all ain’t ’bout it
say he gone k!ll me if he ever see me we know that i doubt it
i’m up in the trap with murderers and demons
serving the block ’cause these n+ggas be feigning
ak in the tub two glocks in the freezer l!cking on molly while i’m playing with nina
hollows expand and f+ck up his breathing
n+ggas be fu i feel like they leaching
just stomped out feign he got lit at the spot
i’m scared of the needle seen too many shots
my car f+cked up bent too many blocks
got too many bullets cuz too mini glocks and i’m only one n+gga got too many opps
but f+ck that sh+t i ain’t scared of them n+ggas
they be posting them guns but ain’t pulling no triggers
ain’t shot n0body but claim he a k!lla
gug boy you know them my n+ggas ain’t stoppin till we touchin like 6 figures
just slid on the opps with a brand new glock
d+mn i like patching they block
and i ain’t gone stop if you like it or not
just blew at they door and shot at they pops
shorty a goofy we letting it rock
shout out my 7’s cuz them be my brothers
straight out the mud the streets was our mothers
clapping like thunder leave him under cover

[verse 2]
turn this b+tch to world war three
sh+t you know bout me
pop a jigga pop a duce
sh+t i took like three
the opps keep asking for a truce
n+gga f+ck the peace
i send 30 shots at you the switch give it a fast release
i ain’t trying to be yo homie
nah i ain’t trying to be yo mans
glockie in the jacket pocket
draco stuffed right in the pants
wonder why he trying to kick it
b+tch i ain’t trying to have no friends
lil folks tweaking off the henny
tell shorty to get her man