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04sam – lets get this bread lyrics



what, what
mm, mm, mm, mm

havens got this


skrting in that foreign and u know its nascar
just copped ur girl a whip and that sh+t is jaguar
u ain’t a real opp man u fake paul blart
n yous an old head prolly smoking a cigar

my account is filled with m’s u could call me mr burns
wipe my ass with my bills bank account look like a t+rd
god im so d+mn cute when they see me yeah they turn
ppl watching when i p+ss, guess some people need to learn

flying so d+mn high u could call me a horse
just got married with ur mom but boutta get a divorce
when im with ur girl, no s+xual intercourse
call me tiger woods baby im on the golf course

man im p++pin on the haters you could call me harry dunne
pull up gotta nerf gun shoot you and ur grandson
do the dash
steal some cash
now we on another run
just got back from the doctor gotta circumcision
(verse 2 from lil finley)

dont buy a house need to boost my credit score
if i go to ur house better take me on a tour
i only got two hoodies, got dirty clothes galore
when i see some short old lady, im always holding the door

(verse 3)

got some ice in my t++th and infection in my toes
ppl sleeping on lil fin like they in a deep doze
when im with ur girl she keeps on her clothes
like im playing hockey my wrist on froze

just got back from the dentist and he said i got the flu
yall acting like u caught me man these haters scooby doo
my shooters man they crazy pull up looking like a zoo
my breath smell like sh+t brush my t++th with ur moms poo

(verse 4 from lil finley)

thought i had to p++p but really i was just tooting
just secured the circumcision even tho im not jewish
gamers are oppressed like g+y ppl with putin
wake up in the morning too, gravitate to this gluten