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04sam – xd lyrics


(producer tag)
kookup, wassup!
ayo ran turn dat up!

smntx [former name]

(verse from 04sam)
got ur grandma in da whip and we eatin cheese and dip
i just pulled up wit a stick sending shots right at ur lip
and im wit lil fin and his dog named pip
i just pulled up on ur house and i took a fatass sh+t
gettin turnt off some mouthwash man im feeling h+lla drunk
call me stanley mitch+ll imma throw u in the trunk
call my money [redacted] cuz that sh+t be h+lla shrunk
worshipping the bag u could call me a monk
call me jeffrey epstein cuz im rich as f+ck
im l!ckin on yo taint and that sh+t make me go yuck
i just tooted d+mn that sh+t smell like a garbage truck
this girl just queefed and it sounded like a duck
choppa make him hit the nae nae yeah he hit the dab
i was boutta hug ur girl then she told me she had crabs
ion be eating fancy foods yeah i stay eating scabs
if u say “lil sprites [former name] ass” imma hit u wit a jab
i just pulled up wit a widowmaker with 9k rounds
got 5 stars then my car got impound
i just pulled up to ur house took a p+ss on the ground
all this p+ss on me i feel like im gonna drown
choppa make him hit the psy he hit the gangam style
yeah im cooling wit ur hamster he rub on my genitals
gucci snakes dripped down got me feelin hostile
dripped down in lacoste but this isnt the nile (oh no!)
feel like tony tiger cuz her p+ssy feelin super great
the p++p dealer hmu but i already ate
bought 5 hunnid fleshlights and they came in a crate
play wit me and laben n we raising up the rate
(verse from laben)
its fornite and im spraying u down
i am the king i am a crown
visited china ate some dog in the town
i ain’t no racist, i love all browns
walk in the city with a bittie from the city
she think im really cool and im like “do u really”
i spilled milk cuz im really really spilly
went on the stock market made a milly