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0thatunknowngirl0 – butterflies lyrics


in the class
sitting in the back
his hands in his pockets
he look like a snack
boy be dressed in all black
his head down
like he ain’t know
he glows
he so fine
can he be mine
he h+lla fine
will he be mine
if i walk up
ask to talk
will he nod his head
will he walk
nod his head, or walk
i just hope he stays
hope to talk for a while
maybe he’ll like me
maybe he won’t
i ask
can we talk for a while
he nod his head
we talk
he smiles
it makes my heart, beat
i feel so weak
yeah he gives me b+tterflies
why is he so fine
i smile back
he blinks
he calls me beautiful
catching his self by surprise
how do i look in his eyes?
it seems i give him b+tterflies
likes me to
said it’s true
he so fine
when he walks in the room
i get b+tterflies
when he says my name
my heart starts to fly
when he smiles
he gives me a rush
when i walk up
i give him shivers
when i say his name
he can’t help but sigh
when i smile
he flushes
he makes me nervous
i make him surface
when he calls me his girl
i start to whirl
when i call him mine
his heart twirls
we give each other