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1.2 gpa kid – 1.2 gpa rap lyrics


what was wrong with me
i was struggling so hard to see what was right in f-cking front of me
but instead i drowned it out with friends and weed
thc the holy christ was what i was taught my whole life
i dont see it that way, i think its a lie so we believe in something after we die
too afraid to be successful of all the things that are so f-cking stressful
from a 1.2 gpa disappointing the ones supporting me all the way
i couldn’t help but push away
secluding myself from the world
thinking that was the best way to help myself, when all i needed was to seek help
but instead im laying on the bathroom floor, and my chest heavy and my breath shortenin’
and it’s 1 o’ clock and my life and my life is about to stop
who knew a bottle of aspirin could make you throw up blood
my dad came in and looked so distraught, he looked me in the eyes with such love
i ain’t never seen that before, someone who actually cares as much
maybe i was so blind to see that some people actually give a f-ck
i was crying for help, he hugged me and said
“don’t trip about what this is, i love you so much”
right then he left, went to his room and slept
i stayed there for a sec and realized i didn’t wanna be in this mess
i hope it’s not too late, it would be terrible to go out this way
i go up to the room and twisted the handle and said
“i’m scared. this life was treating me so unfair. i don’t wanna do this anymore
i actually care, i’ll try harder. just please take me back, i know that you’ll both have my back
i just need help getting on track.”
this love thing so wack
my mama drove so fast and didn’t look back
she held my hand, clammy, tears dripping down her eyes
i [?] all i could say was i’m sorry. she said i’ll always be your mommy
i woke up with needles in my arm to make contact with my mom
her eyes swelled up, it broke my heart to see her like that
i swear to her i’d never act like that again, i like where i’m at
imma repair what’s damaged and get her right back
you see, they were there for me. straight from the start
see now i turn to art, whether it’s rap or relationship
i just know i gotta get my sh-t set
i just thank my fam for not leaving me dead