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1 800 zombie – lol@myspace lyrics


wake up in the morning and jump out of bed
i got this crazy urge; can’t get it out of my head
i’ve got to go on mysp-ce and check my comments
and maybe if i’m lucky, i’ll have some friend requests
and i’m not surprised that i have quite a few
you want me to add you band, no i won’t add you
your music is generic and the screaming is the same
as the band who asked me yesterday; i thought that they were lame
i check up on my comments and most of them say hi
so i go to their page and post a funny reply
i see today is friday, you know what that means
i get to go to the mall and show everyone i’m scene
i’ll even dye my hair for them so that it’s at its best
and i wore my tightest pants and my dino on my chest
they’ll come right up to me and ask if i’m on mysp-ce
h-ll yes i am girl, did you tell from my face?
but i don’t remember yours, i have ten thousand friends
i can’t remember who’s on my list, your probably at the end
everyone comes up to me and asks for my autograph
’cause you know 1-800-zombie
it’s so famous, it makes me want to laugh