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1 800 zombie – yo shit is wack lyrics


we’re bustin’ speakers.
its not loud enough
poor that kool-aid in my cup
the bathroom floors and sleepin’ bags
if you p-ss out first you’ll get tagged
always hangin’ loose but walkin’ tall
good clean fun, we’re texan ya’ll!
if you want to tune into our rhythm
kids,turn on your game systems!!!

b-mpin’ and jumpin’, always causing a scene
what else do you expect from a couple of teens!?
robby d and aimbow are megadeth
want us to get naked!? answers yes!
ive hadtexas pride since birth
no, b-tch, we aint got da herp!
dfw! 18z worldwide!
n.e.s. gangstas, run n hide!

don’t you wish your skill was tight like this
don’t you wish your raps made no sense
oh, dontcha!?
oh oh oh oh
oh dontcha!?
oh oh oh oh

remember when you tried to steal our show
yr not as s-xy as u thought
i hope you get into a crash
because yr not so f-ckin’ hot
and when you listen to this song
i hope you cry and jump off a cliff
because we’ll never take you back
signed, 18z, yo sh-t is wack!

and p.s. we want our song back
we rly wish you were not in it
yr voice is like a train wreck
why do you go hump yr redhead
septum, please get off my lawn
i rly want u to move on
and now i say my last goodbye
sry that was emo, i tried.

now to a more important matter
but rly could that girl get any fatter?
i know thats mean, but we did our best
we’re using this song to get our revenge
and also to get your feet movin’
nintendo beats and s-xy groovin’
and now ill turn it over to aimee b
to cpc, we’re not sorry!

from our haxan split to bubblegum o
throwing out these rhymes is all i know
i know our sh-t might be random
but like cattle, we’re gonna brand em
666, the number of the beast
when i bake bread, im usin’ yeast
and the mark of doom is 18z
remember to take yr vitamin c