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1 trait danger – softmore slump lyrics


this is for all the naysayers
all the people that said we couldn’t do it again
for every critic out there with a molten lava pen
i just have one thing to say to you…
you’re probably right

[verse 1]
their rookie alb-m, 10/10
on the tasty scale, pitchfork again
they ask: “can they do it two times in a row?
the soph-m-re alb-m is the toughest, yo”
they quip
“can the 1 trait do it again
bring the fire like they did in 2010
what year did that come out again?”
i can’t remember motherf-cker, i’ve been hittin’ my vape pen
i can’t remember how to read or write
let alone write bangers deep into the night
i forget how to even ride my f-ckin’ bike
i feel like a dumb motherf-cker (dumb dumb motherf-cker)

the softmore slump this sh-t is real
and the softmore slump don’t make you feel very good
‘cuz everybody on your f-ckin’ back
they’re saying, “write mother f-cker, write a f-ckin’ track”

softmore slump, this alb-m’s gonna suck
softmore slump, i’m ’bout to f-ck you up
softmore slump, this alb-m bout to suck
softmore slump, i’m ’bout to f-ck you up

(f-ck this alb-m)

we’re gonna be at every festival
we’re gonna be at every show
we’re not going to be playing them probably
but we’re gonna be there be watching
and judging you!
see how that makes you feel mac demarco
see how that makes you feel kevin parker
we’re gonna be at coach-lla
we’re gonna be at glastonbury
we were probably woulda been at sasquatch but i think it’s dead
we’re gonna be everywhere!
we’re goin’ everywhere!

1 trait, comin’ for you
1 trait, comin’ for everybody!