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1 trait danger – stoney bologne lyrics


yo w-ssup

stoney bologne they make me like ???
take me down to your box like a homie
yo what up, my name is stan
actually, i just made that sh-t up
my name ain’t stoney bologne
you don’t know me, you ain’t my homie
blow me

i was riding my bike after school
some f-cking fool pushed me into a pool
as i got out i said “what the f-ck”
i just bought this iphone, man, that’s f-cked up

(i’m not a hip-hop artist)

so what if a little slower?
my iq’s low and my grades are lower
all the kids in cl-ss call me -ss
face mask and face fast
they’re really mean, man

like this kid named dan
who rolls me down the street in a trash can
he loves it when he beats my f-ckin -ss, man
he loves it when he kicks my face
kicks my kicks, sprays me with mace
he’s armed, man
he’s got guns and sh-t
and throwing stars, dan
dan’s a motherf-cker
this song’s for you, dan
i’ll remember you, dude
so when i’m sitting in a trash can
thinking about my life
thinking “why am i here, man?”
this kids rolls up
he leans down
he says one thing
he says “you’re stoney bologne
no one thinks you’re cool
you’re phony, you’re lame, and no one likes your drool
wipe that sh-t off, man”
and he threw a towel right on my head

but then there’s katherine in math cl-ss
she loves to snap back
when the teacher talks cr-p like a knapsack
skins ’em like a ???
cause she knows how to rap like a rap track
yap, yap
take ’em on a trap, yap
heavy metal isn’t dead it’s in my backpack

if you’ve ever been bullied in school, though
just remember stoney’s got your back, bro
don’t f-ck with the stoney crew
cause if you do the stoney dudes will f-ck you

f-ck you