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1 young micah – books of war lyrics


[verse 1: 1 young micah]
looking at the bigger picture so you know i’m focused
dozing off to drugs and i don’t even know the dosage
i’m with the yellow bones sticking to me like a post-it
noticing what you want sitting down at your lowest
dead princes coming in i think they need a coffin
straight flames you should probably see this sh-t sparking
all my n-ggas is ridin’ you never catch us walkin’
put it in the side like i’m parallel parking
’bout to go crazy cuz stuff really be up on my mind
all we know is grind, lord can you send a sign
p-ss a baggie to my bro and call it droppin’ dimes
can’t even see the compet-tion so i’m feeling blind
but it’s probably just because they fell so far behind
oh, one day it’ll all make sense
they’ll recognize that 1 young micah’s a prince
and stop lookin for the crown ’cause it’s already clenched
i’m the one, and you know it, the poet
i ain’t pulled up but i pull it
goin’ round like a full truck b-tch i’m loaded
n-gga got me bent if he ever say i folded

[verse 2: 3 mill rod]
p-ss the gin a reverend and i run off
i put the quarter in the game slide and got a gum ball
run off on the plug like i run on the walmart
car start the car up no key
i’m asap mobbin’ with the squire we be so deep
doama n-ggas cuff ya b-tches like the police
but i smoke more weed than dmx in belly b-tches breakfast at night
and your ho cookin’ naked with this pressure to
diamond in the ruff rider posse
higher than a sky diver, scuba
rockin’ like toxin on his tonsils when he vomit up them commas
when he could rap he could make his momma proud as oscar
monster drink with the lean it’s a hoax scene
i’m leanin’ like a bean bag on an rv
robbin four g’s four g’s in the may-back
kay like a may-back long as an eight track
long as a may-back it’s the big payback
sub like tree stacks that’s three me
tre rest in peace you play with my fam then you rest in pieces
on the challenge in the challenger
f-ck it if we speedin’ then we p-ssin’ em
actin up the right to cut the lanes off
got some thotties tryna rip my d-ck off
life is a game and i’m a master at the jigsaw
be puzzlin’ n-gga wonder how we do it
it’s a gift dawg cooler than some menthols
and cl-ss my life drift back while my flow i speak span
know the women dig that
wear your chinstrap ’cause where your head is where i head at
peelin’ backwoods as i sit back
1 young bought the zig zags
these n-ggas better sit up all they won’t do is just sit back
ride cash n-gga, dig they