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10 ft. ganja plant – top down lyrics


the morning sun is rising
lighting up the sky
autumn leaves changing color
what a lovely way to die
frost upon my window
chill upon my bone
slows you down with age they say
so i’ll make this day my own, my own

i’m gonna put the top down
i’m gonna talk about old times
i’m gonna put the top down
i’m gonna let myself unwind
i’m gonna put the top down
i’m gonna watch the day roll by
i’m gonna put the top down
this time

everyday i’m working
to keep my humble home
and the one who left my heart broken
sometimes i still feel alone
but i’ve got to keep on moving yeah
and pay the rent on time
happiness is my decision yeah
so i’m making this day mine all mine


the evening sky’s behind me now
i thought i saw the moon but no
the sun it warmed upon my face today
but that feels like so long ago
daylight will reveal himself again
it’s just that all that comes must go
a little joy is what i need my friend
’cause it’s the best time that i know and i know