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100 gecs – ​diamonds on my chest* lyrics


[intro: yungster jack]
(dylan brady)
minecraft, turn up
(gec, david)
minecraft, turn up
(yungster jack)
don’t stop mining, don’t stop grinding
that’s the motto, don’t stop mining, don’t stop grinding

[verse 1: yungster jack]
i got diamonds on my chest
i got diamonds on my chest
minecraft girlfriend, she want s+x
yeah, my minecraft girlfriend, yeah she want s+x
p+p+punchin’ on a tree
with my bros, i’m punchin’ on a tree
nitemare pack, i’m smokin’ weed
i can’t f+ck with creepers, i can’t f+ck with tnt

[verse 2: yungster jack]
(gec, gec, gec gec gec gec gec)
(gec gec gec gec gec, gec, turn up, let’s go!)
i’m turnt up everywhere, even the nether
i’m turnt up everywhere, check the weather
i need some bow & arrows, yeah i need some feathers
if you fall into lava, it’s for the better
ender pearls, ender portal, let’s go
pic on twitch with all of my bros
bro, grab my potions and throw
i got the seed, now watch that sh+t grow

[verse 3: david shawty]
watch it go
i’ma watch it go
you can’t be f+ckin’ with me cause you is a creeper
i got minecraft shawties dancin’ on my wiener
soul sand, yeah, where is your soul
you was hustlin’, you spent diamonds on a hoe
i’ma smack you if you come too close
minecraft s+x party, i’ma f+ck all of these hoes
i’ma f+ck all of these hoes
i’ma f+ck all of these hoes
i’ma build them a house and then f+ck ’em inside

[verse 4: laura les]
blowin’ up a creeper, let’s go
i don’t blow up funds, i stop off and let them pose
omg, said let’s get all my bread
i’ll text you back ok, in my orange dyed bed
yeah, i build a lot of sh+t
how many diamonds can i get
put ’em all in a sword
everything i can find, put it all in a sword
put it all in a sword
you didn’t catch that creeper, now it’s gone, everything’s gone now