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100 knives inside – public demand society lyrics


independence can be weakened by our position
expect nothing but the conform intuition
so easy to lose autonomy, oligarchy
the window of disillusion rolled down
the suburbian wasteland
echoas a sound
roles -ssigned to submit
a spiritual crime we commit

cruelty of culture, environment of our daily lives
the cities, the monotonous factories
the schools, the workplace shows the primacy of man
genetically manufactured organisms, a man-made decision

hierarchy that dictates, the fate of society
in the age of broken dreams, i’ll stand my ground

rhetoric sense of use, unbalanced repulsive mental abuse
all the p-wns statically lined up, displaced ideal by the clock
without reach for a while, disarmed with an unconscious smile
scarred thoughts by constant demand, pressure beyond command
a pattern so numb
these values are so outdated, every choice is underestimated

drown in chronic fear, public demand society locks you up inside
project the psyche, the rigid visions, the standards to live up to

chorus repeat:

measure our goals, no options left
suffocated and strangled by moral majority like mechanized death