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100 knives inside – senseless generation lyrics


i hear this generation
shattered apart
moral decay reigns by the vile
they drain their blood for fortune

i see this generation
another lost ident-ty
struggling to breath
blindfolded by illusions

i feel this generation
enchanted by dismay
too much strength
in this foundation of the obtrusive

what to conquer and what to leave?
what a road to follow?
lost in transaction
keen for captivating and depleting
dreaming of a conquest
that is bound to no other solution

willing to bear the mark of exhaustion
painting their trails with perplexity
digging and crawling for no purpose at all
the emptiness i see in their eyes
is a reflection of their souls
a m-ss production
which breeds blankness and craving

defiance the habits form
making an individually pr-nouncement
break the chains of disaffirmation
they breed shallow needs