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100 miles – stuck in a loop lyrics


family p-ssing in front
f-cked up in public
so please do make fun of me
tryin to grow my own money tree
trying to find all my unity
imma be honest i hate what this do to me
dreams that the police be shooting me

sometimes feeling that all this is new to me (yuh)
my body ain’t cover in jewelry (nah)
n-ggas be making that stupid beef

i’ve been feeling so low when i’m f-cking solo
sh-t that i kick is most dope
might wanna hit that flash
tryna find a faster way to cash
tryna find a way to keep my heart in one piece
i’ve been fight with this brain disease
sadness really tryna k!ll me

some days
when my heart isn’t grounded
i float above the water
dip my head in it
and i can’t keep swimming
but i keep on living
in hopes i make a change
in hopes you hear my name
and feel like i can be the voice that wash away your pain

but i feel like i’m stuck in a loop
like i ain’t got nothing to
like i ain’t got nothing to