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100 monkeys – robot timberwolves lyrics


running from these masticating faces chasing me out of the woods
it isn’t good, it looks real bad for me
i’m being chased by all these masticating faces
with t–th so sharp they’re like razor blades serrated
i’m gonna die tonight that’s right these wolves are right behind me
gonna die tonight all these wolves these robot timberwolves are gonna get me
with their masticating t–th
why do the scientists always try to find ways to end my life
what have i done? what have i done?
to deserve this?
wolves, wolves, all these wolves, wolves, all these wolves, wolves, (all these wolves wolves)
they’re chasing me and chasing me and chasingmeandchewingandthet–th
and now i’m running, yes i’m running, i’m running
like the blood runs over their tongues
i’m running yeah i’m running from
wolves, wolves, wolves, wolves, robot timberwolves… etc