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100 ways forward – hello, moderater lyrics


look at yourself.
sitting there, at your
computer, reading this.
what kind of pathetic
life are you
leading, huh?
i mean, look at yourself.
how did you even land
this job? it must be your
great circle of connections.
or, dear god, it may be
that your the loser
who created/designed
this whole derned site
and in which case,
i salute you man, cause you have
bigger b-lls than me to actually
boast that on the internet.
however, i am probably
mistaken, and you actually
like what you
do for a living.
in any case, i just
thought that you should
know how pathetic your
life has become.

if youre looking for where you’ll
be in five years,
look in the mirror and smile.
no, wiat, frown.