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1000 generations – invocation lyrics


this is a call to those who seek you,
this is a call to love
we who greet you this is our invocation,
this is a call to love
come and fill your house, come and fill this place

we love you lord, we love you lord,
we sing and shout aloud, â‘cause you are here!
we love you lord, we love you lord,
our hearts are bursting out, as you draw near,
we welcome you here!

light is like this, it completely expels darkness,
your kingdom is breaking through
with billions of illumines, the gates of h-ll are broken,
your kingdom is breaking through!

joy is overflowing, praise is growing,
like a tidal wave cause you are here, you are here
hearts are strangely glowing, thereâ’s a knowing,
in the atmosphere that you are here! we welcome you hereâ…

we love you, god you know we love you,
and we want you, hear us say we want you