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10000 cadillacs – off the rip lyrics


the area code for cleveland’s (216)
where caddy clicks are pimpin’ tricks
so raise your bics and blaze some sh-t
we drop this mix straight off the rip
we’re breaking it down takin’ ’em down
pound for pound straight from the underground
i once was lost and now i’m found
pop pop and they drop chop chop
let it rock and you gotta be down
to know what’s up doc knock knock
at your door get your guns on the floor
and i’ll tell you once more
don’t f-ck with the funkcore
we are playa hater slayers
and we’re always playin’ fair
we got this city by the b-lls
and we ain’t prepared to share
so get off my jock don’t block this c-ck
or ya gonna get pac’ed when the hammer drops
cops on the payroll that’ll say y’all got popped over rocks
recognize this is my scene
a forty ounce is my cantine
10, 000 on my team and we’re all about that green.
10, 000 off the rip motherf-cker
f-ck around straight from the underground
shut ’em down
shut ’em down
10, 000 cadillacs
(216) cleveland’s my crew
cadillacs my click