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1000volts (redman & jayceeoh) – lights out lyrics


redman and jayceeoh
international dudes ya know?
when it comes to this 1000volts sh-t?
we go all out

good buds, hard work
nice women, give me that, i’m satisfied
overtime, stage shows
a lot of stress, for this job i’m qualified
my fam first, f-ck with my money
tryin’ to leave me broke? it could be a h0m-cide
i’m borderline, 7:30
we could all go through some sh-t that leave you traumatised
that’s why i’m livin my life like imma die tomorrow
and you never seen me stressin i made it camoflauged
i’m a real hitter you can count on me like ??
my roof cut, on the 101 that cali ??
i go to sleep, wake up smilin cause i got my health
have an att-tude its like a missin lighter check yourself
i came from the bottom, roaches and rats in the cabinet