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100band. – spray the block (remix) lyrics


[verse: zaggzekee]
been that n-gga since 94
been that n-gga still that n-gga
i promise just ask ya hoe
she swallowing all my kids
so only her call me daddy
can’t remember where she from
i think it was cincinnati
i got n-ggas who envy me
i got n-ggas that leech
i gotta couple of hittas
if n-ggas thinking it’s sweet
how the underdogs winning
and n-ggas claiming it’s fluke
check the numbers my n-gga
they let some animals loose
b-tches tell me i’m a don
ain’t no denying the truth
f-ck yo b-tch in yo bed
and now he lying in proof
hate i had to do it
hate i had to be one
man who i’m kidding my n-gga
i did that sh-t for fun
met some twins last night
i’m bout to double up
the way they bouncing on the d-ck
i call it double dutch
one day i might just pull up on ha
in a lamborghini
not cause we riding
i just want her whole city to see me
wrist flashing diamonds dancing
do the blocc boy
deandre ayton
i be posted on the block boy
i know it’s n-ggas who plotting
they wanna be like the boy
my n-ggas eating no happy meal
sh-t don’t come with a toy
100band. we the troops
no squares allowed in our crew
every n-gga here with me
deserve a trophy or two
my pistol come with a grip
these b-tches showing me t-ts
my b-tches just like my n-ggas
these b-tches all with the sh-ts

[bridge: youngkd]
100band. the gang, thats on the gang
and thats the only gang

[verse: youngkd]
rather get caught with that pistol than get caught lacking
no 21 age 14 i was savage
you can call me philippe i just bought a patek
still wish a young n-gga would i just bought a cabin
these b-tches calling me daddy
soon as i walk in the function i got it jumping like rabbits
i guess it’s just all these carrots
these hoes bugging i raid em
ain’t giving out no more favors
you f-cking her but you paid her
and i’m just tryna stay up, live right
vvs i got them purified, clean ice
out here sipping on this balance beam
lean right, lean left all up in my stir o foam
2 cups 2 hoes wanna f-ck cause they heard it’s good wanna know if it true
i’m a animal wilding guess i belong in a zoo
f-ck these n-ggas, f-ck these hoes, and i ain’t cuffing the swoop
n-ggas selling dreams im just making mine come true
and i got a lot to lose
and i got a mountain of proof
chevy mounted 2’s picked up a b-tch from duluth
keep the peace like the deuce
she wanna pour up a deuce
that p-ssy sweeter than fruit
you know what i’m bout to do, yeah
b-tches dancing all my diamonds do the ricky bobby
she wanna do me when she bored
treat me like a hobby
born and raised in 10 a key
s/o to yo gotti
all these n-ggas envy me so i know that i got it n-gga