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100kai – gas giant lyrics


yea i got the gas and i’m sparking it
i don’t like a wood
but if my dawg bring em in then i guess that we barking it
get this understood
you could look through my whole body boy there ain’t no narc in it

bro got a new whip and he parking it
i got the drip on the fit like a shark in it
this ain’t a story no tony or stark in it
b+tch yea i’m coming to win

kai on the track it’s a young n+gga song, so you know that i’m finna spin
i could talk bout how i’m gon get a check up in every d+mn song that i’m in

100kai n+gga i’m too crazy
you ain’t f+cking with this ho you fugazie
yea i’m sh+tting on n+ggas like new babies
shoutout buffy my momma is who raised me

bout to flic with my jit panoramic
bro got the gas it ain’t no need to panic
i’m finna zero this sh+t watch it vanish
zoe in the back other bro speaking spanish

jit in the back speaking español
little n+gga i won’t ever fold
kai on thе beat so you know that i’m cold
half of this sh+t n+gga i ain’t even wrotе
n+gga they got my little sh+t on repeat
and we walk in the store i don’t need a receipt
i think i said this on all of my beats
but i can’t name a n+gga that’s harder than me