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100kufis – eminem ft. joyner lucas – – lucky you (remix) lyrics


they said they didn’t think i could hang with em
well, obviously they don’t know who the f-ck i am

[verse 1]
you must’ve lost your mind, lemme go and find it for you
before you cross this line
even if you died and you came back with a strobe light
n-gga you ain’t got the b-lls to shine
i been doin’ this before (?) in 09′
all this time, been an awesome guy
you don’t believe me, you can ask my aunt viv’
and i don’t mean carlton’s mom
i be on point like a porcupine
and pour some wine, of course, it’s fine
i’m still goin’ 4’d on 4rth to nine
never throw in the towel, never forfeit mine
really wanna know why i’m borderline?
n-ggas getting k!lled by pork and swine
that’s another n-gga dead by a motherf-ckin’ pig
(?) died (?) who endorsed the crime

[verse 2]
him did it, him did it, them did it
i’m sick wit’ the pen when it’s sittin’ in a pen
when it shoulda’ been deaded, but i couldn’t get a win
within f-ckin’ ten minutes, i ain’t content with it
you will never be on my level, the heavy metal
settles you in the petals off of a rose
i was towed, i was old
and i’m too cold– hearted
man that’s prolly’ why i’m never makin’ it off of parole
woah, woah, woah!
what do you mean?
didn’t mean, i called the scene
but it seem like these rappers are weaker
and i don’t wanna sound cheap or too steep
but charge motherf-cker fifty grand for a feature
defeats the purpose, we just workin’, she just lurkin’
just to get the perk and back to sheet one
so she can flaunt so read the font, these ain’t lerone
so say the talk, i made the walk along the stars (yuh)
i don’t give a f-ck who you are (i don’t)
you will never hear me spit a sh-tty bar (you won’t)
cause’ i rep’ wit’ my city hard (yeah)
upstate i was safe in the yard (yuh)
never been a sucka’ or fraud (never)
never had to run to a guard (never)
never had my face scarred (never, never!)
always been the king, can’t pull my card
oh lawd, oh lawd
this is the rap game come to?
if i don’t f-ck wit’ you n-ggas, it’s f-ck you!
i can’t rap like that if i want to
i’m bout’ to snap on a track like “hut two!”
and i always been blessed like “achoo!”
for my n-ggas up top, in the box, with a lock and a sock
up within that jumpsuit
what you think, a n-gga really can’t touch you?
i bet you got guns like us two
but all my guys in the five’ seven
know where my (?) is a tough crew
if you put me in the middle of the instrumental
i’m a get a little busy playin’ syllables like a fiddle
when i get to feelin’ that i’m really k!llin’
got me feelin’ like a villain, i ain’t god
but i’m feelin’ like i’m godzilla

[verse 3]
now, why would i lie to ya’?
when i told you that it was my time
when i feel like you didn’t believe me
now i got all these feelins’ inside
got to feel like i’m feelin’ alive
if you plannin’ on k!llin’ my vibe
not the type to be dealin’ with pride
i’m the type that’ll k!ll you with rhymes

[verse 4]
now this rap sh-t, it’s a part of me
see this sh-t is like a drug, how that shut be callin’ me
it be in my dna, got me tryin’ r&b
i don’t do cardio, but i would do cardi b
pardon me, mr. president, if i don’t really see
eye to eye with a guy that don’t have no sympathy
simply, i just hope the government don’t get to me
way before i get the chance to make it in the industry