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100percent% – puttin in twerk (the strip song) lyrics


[verse 1: 100percent%]
shake it like you work at king of diamonds or perfections
girl that booty is perfection
and her body is a blessin’
she be givin out erections
got em’ comin back for seconds
n-ggas beggin’ they just keep on throwin money her direction
man i swear that she the baddest
all them other girls are average
and i met her out in jersey she was workin at the palace
bunch of dudes was tryna holla
she was focused on them dollars
she ain’t worried bout them lames cuz she only want a baller
so she told me i can call her
cuz she know that i’m that n-gga
had her over at my spot we was zonin’ off the liquor
she be pullin’ on my zipper
man i swear i gotta tip her
i ain’t trippin but i think that i’m in love wit a stripper
magic city mondays she be out there gettin’ it
her booty and her b00bies are just looking so magnificent
her swagger is impeccable her body is ridiculous
if u want this money come and strip for it…strip for it

let me see that -ss clap
let me see that -ss clap
let me see
let me see
let me see that -ss clap
d-mn that sh-t is mad phat
wish that i could have that
she going up and down like the nasdaq
shake it for a n-gga baby you know what it is
shake it like you mean it let me see you move those hips
shake it like you walkin’ and you need a new whip
baby shake like you working for them tips… i want to see you strip

[verse 2: 100percent%]
i’m like (ayyye)
i ain’t gonna front shorty swagging with the wagon i could see it from the front
like (ayyye)
will you go or will you c-m it’s a lot of ladies in here but you the one i want
r. kelly swag how i’m feelin on her booty
she’s on me like a tattoo i swear she wanna do me
she listens to my records she wanna make a movie
she said her name jilleena she likes to keep it juicy
and she’s from illinois but my shorty from detroit
be clappin’ it so hard you can hear it make noise
so when i’m in her city i’m throwin’ out that money
a c0ke bottle shape but she tastes like milk & honey
my shorty named bunnie
she’s from indiana
her s-xy -ss complexion man i swear i wanna ram her
my shorty from atlanta i swear she so poppin’
so lemme see u pop it while everybody watchin’ girl