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100s – land of the laced lyrics


cry two tears in a bucket…
f-ck it
let’s take it to the stage

[verse 1]
n-ggas still drinkin’ cristal
still pourin’ out oe for they n-ggas that was hit by the spits of the pistol
b-tches say they love you, but they ain’t up in the courtroom with you when the mothaf-cka hit trial
oracle arena, driving past venues, dreamin’ as i listen to the marathon continues
welcome to the land of the laced and the b-tches we done been through
i’m just trying to make it with the n-ggas that i’m kin to
maybe cop a benz too, maybe bring a b-tch through
my bay n-ggas think it’s really poppin’ down there
my la n-ggas think it’s really poppin’ up here
down in sd i met some fine white b-tches who had that fever for a young laced bay n-gga
half cabs on my feet, gold chain on my chest
5’10 n-gga, but got love for the whole west, sunrise, sunset
palm trees, good weed, never gotta stress, dog, f-ckin with the west, dog
say we talk funny, bay slang they ain’t never heard
like why you n-ggas say ‘bruh’ and ‘h-lla’ ever other word?
to me she a rip, though. (to) you she a flip, though
a universal name is a ho, for the b-tch, though
them b-tches f-cked up, growin’ up, but we never judge
west side give me love, west side give me love

[hook : x2]
the land of the laced
west coast, motha-f-cka (mothaf-cka…)
land of the game
west coast, motha-f-cka (mothaf-cka…)

[verse 2]
i’m from the california coast
beaches and bridges hit the car, get goin’
so we be sleepin’ with b-tches, hope a n-gga don’t squeeze
three at ya cherry, m3, rest in peace to pac
n-gga, rest in peace to md… regulator
shout to the west side playas who still wearin gators
who gone bring a b-tch for a tax refund fast when that mothaf-cka come back
i’m a menace on venice
lookin’ for the right b-tch who ain’t (?) forty two
i’m here for one night, sh-t
on one with my n-ggas on dp, what you think?
so every time i hit sb i wake up in a drunk tank
say “f-ck it, my stomach hurtin’, but the weekend was worth it”
i been gang with a california og, he gone tell you f-ck a b-tch(‘s) feelings
n-gga, tell her what it’s gone be
cold game, cold game
simple -ss n-gga, drinkin on a twabalator(?) up on you rent–ss n-gga
one love, when you see me up on your street
my n-gga flyin out
i told him i got a california b-tch for him that suck d-ck like she got no t–th
and when i come to your city i expect the same
california mac, n-gga, respect the game

[hook : x2]
the land of the laced
west coast, motha-f-cka (mothaf-cka…)
land of the game
west coast, motha-f-cka (mothaf-cka…)