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100s – my activator lyrics


“back up!”
“back up, back up, back up…”
“okay now, just, just put the activator down.”
“where were you the day cookie head got k!lled?”
“i was at the hair salon man, i was getting my curl done, i was there all day.”
“oh okay, i wasn’t there all day man, i [?] on crenshaw, i bought me some hair care products man. i got some activator. some glycerine. and some curl activator.”
“i ain’t never went out to the beach.”

[verse 1]
make your b-tch wanna have a n-gga slide through and put d-ck on her
wanna dip with a n-gga take a trip with a n-gga, what, you ain’t know you was a flip to a n-gga, huh?
i’ma let my soul glow in a black volvo and my t–th shine like a chrome .44
don’t tell a n-gga nothing that he don’t know, with a mouthpiece that could put you on a ho stroll
thought you was the n-gga til you a n-gga huh, now you thinking about what you told them hoes
when you was all up in they bed, pillow talking and hating, throwing all types of salt on my operation
ate a b-tch, get it then play the b-tch
but she live in section 8 with her brother sister momma and her uncle trying to hustle
do i save the b-tch? do i lace the b-tch?
do i pump her veins with my activator?
do i call her now? do i call her later?
do i leave her hanging like “b-tch i’m through”? do i leave her insecure like “what i do?”
we should flip for it, heads or tails, what i choose?
momma never thought i was a bad kid, but i got a lot of tales for the grandkids
i must say, players only live once,
is you bout it?
let a real n-gga reroute it
make a n-gga wanna ask questions like “who that is?” “what he do?”
“do you know that n-gga? did you f-ck that n-gga?” cause…
if so, then b-tch we through

my activator, ho, my activator (x3)
don’t touch my activator, no, cold game, don’t hate the player
my activator, my activator (x3)
f-ck all them perpetrators, in the end all i got is my activator

[verse 2]
how that n-gga got all that but ain’t working? how that n-gga got all that but ain’t serving?
told him it’s the activator n-gga, do you need some? i might have some for you
how to make a motherf-cker hate yo sh-t, then how to make a motherf-cker play yo sh-t, and how to make a motherf-cker take yo sh-t, date yo sh-t, pay yo sh-t
that activator charm, and you know that!
tell that ho to set alarm, if you wanna put a diamonds in the charm
make a n-gga stop like, “oh that’s you? “unloading all your cashews, in a b-tch with benefits and a back tattoo?”
“can you make a b-tch c-m with your d-ck and your tongue?” that’s the question dude
“can you tell that b-tch that shes the only one and you was never with that other b-tch and have her never question you?”
be smooth with it, no details
some n-ggas flip a whole clique of b-tches then go run they mouth like a female
that ain’t p, therefore that ain’t me
“do you smile when you see her, kiss and hug that b-tch?”
“when your slipping, when she’s slipping, would you love that b-tch?” my n-gga you f-cking up
gotta feel em out
but if she left yo -ss, you would call the ho pouring your feelings out