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100th and may – dancing for dreams lyrics


im not ashamed of
anything that youve ever done
in fact i realize
that its me youve been running from
the voices, the choices
everything ive done to keep you here
is worthless, i know this
that letting go is your greatest fear
and you are safer
when i awake from my sleep
im finally dancing for dreams
and now that you are free do
do you cry to sleep at night
i wont be there to wipe your eyes
to think i could stop time
id do better to out shine the stars
cause one day youll need me
but i wont be right there where you are
i wonder if its her
that keeps this fairy tale alive
cause sometimes later at night
i feel the tear that comes from her eyes
i wont run away no i wont run away from you
ill find a way, i will find a way to you