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102 gang – lonely lyrics


{verse 1 : lonebrain}

babe talk to me i feel lonely
feel bad when u’re bad i am sorry
pour the pint the cup i sipp slowly
it takes the pain away oh i feel lonely

i been sneaking at ur back door like a zombie

she in love she can’t ignore this sh+t
like a drug she tryna get rid of me

put on ur wrist audemar piguet
diamond bitin shining bling and it mix ur drip

yeah hop in the coupe ima the drop the top
i bought a new purse it ain’t from the mall
i’m feeling cursed when i’m not with you

i just pop a perc and i’m going bezerk
i keep on grinding like a baller alert
i keep on shining i came out from the dirty

animinimanimo drippin head to the toes
too much drip almost overdose

pick and choose lemme pick a boo
yellow jean like i’m pikatchu
palm angel rick owen my shoes
no don’t want love i just want the blues
i just want the blues

{verse 2 : saucedemon}

poor a 4 i could hear my demons callin
all theses long nights i been f+cking struggling
i’m high as f+ck i ain’t even take perk yet
my grandma died i ain’t even see her death bed

i know my grandpa always praying for his children
my father is real one always there for his boy
i love my momma to the death of me
if you touch her it’s like you touching me

got me rolling rolling rolling all them j’s be smocking
all them perkys i be takin
d+mn i feel my heart racing
too the top i be racing

baby it’s official you never been official
your never beneficial
i’m finna give you back to the world
just like a rental
i’m alone in this f+cking world