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1030 tuwop – lil fanta lyrics


[ verse 1 ]
she call me lil tuwop lil fanta
gripping the tool peel you like a banana
giving out smoke like i’m giving out cancer
i got more packs shipping presents like santa
k!lling your crew cause i’m blunt and i answer
don’t f-ck with models i need me a dancer
making my shots with the glock alabaster
jugging and moving you pulling on plaster
you don’t move weight you’s a simp i’m the master
cutting the ham like a hash slinging slasher
ignoring me like i am a big factor
flattening n-gg-s like i am a tractor
run up my bands, cash in my pants toating the tool like i am handy man
member the night i popped me up a xan
won’t pop no more i smoke weed if i can
tuwop the name 1030 what i am
plotting on me you get blown like a fan
run up on me open you like a can
n-gg-s know me and they know who i am

[verse 2]
wrap up the dope like a present, beretta 11 i get so high i go to heaven
run up on me pistols have your -ss g-ssing
feel like a cashier choose paper or plastic
living my life and it’s feeling dramatic
smoking on dope used to trap out the attic
bullets electrical sending off static
you know i’m balling hard just like the magic
n-gg-s is talking you n-gg-s is cappers
everyone know i am tuwop the rapper
n-gg-s is hoes all you n-gg-s need pampers
got me a tool you ain’t blow you’s a actor
getting this money my number one factor
chain froze on my neck now my sh-t got cancer
foreign cash spreading fast but and faster
in the streets they call me tuwop the master

[verse 3]
you’s a opp pack
searching block to block for da opps where the opps at
say you sending shots with the glock where the shots at?
posted up in front with the mop and the guns fat
laid a n-gg- out never stressing smoke opp pack
thought he was a blessing he a curse he won’t be back
staying gang f-ck a snitch i can’t be that
n-gg-s know how i rock yes you could see that
lean to the side of my face yes i need that
holding an 8th and i said i exceed that