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1030 tuwop – ridin fast lyrics


f-f-ck 12 thats the topic i be ridin fast i be chill
young n-gga smokin opp packs rollin fat woods poppin pills
you n-ggas kno the deal when im outside sh-t gettin real
k!ll a n-gga for his gold now his -ss dead and dat sh-t was steel
i be posted at the sh-ll trappin day and night tryna get a bill
young n-gga want a mil in the field so i k!ll
mini gun is it real
shooting guns got the sk!ll
m-make a n-gga body flip he on my shyguns from brazil bullets eat a n-gga up make his -ss stuff call dat sh-t a meal
young n-gga gettin bands while u n-ggas broke cause i got a deal
you was told not to mess with me bullet shock yo -ss like a eel
n-ggas kno i got weaponry got big guns like the seals
roll a blunt like a wheel she dont pray but she kneel
if i catch me a opp pistol whip his -ss call that sh-t a drill
blue beamer and a red beamer got another car and its teal
i swear to god if i ever switch do not try to make that sh-t a deal
boy! im just playin ill never switch but if u switch on me u get k!lled
i will never ever trust a b-tch set me up betta get her a pill
pop me a xanx and i load the clip i got demons in me yes they real
ganjui gang smoke nd k!ll living life its so real
lock me up in a cell put that sh-t on god that i will not squeal
-n-log in my double cup sippin lean cause i cannot feel
listen up like a triple blunts but if yo -ss get burnt it won’t heal
trippie red run up on me boi yo -ss gonna get k!lled
(b-tch -ss n-gga)