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1080 – the last fish lyrics


upon one foggy afternoon, a foolish man ran out of room / in his garbage can so he, threw his trash into the sea / he did this time and time again, the sea still looked fine to him / he saw no reason to stop this, until the day he met a fish… / the fish told him you’re a fool, who will clean up after you? / don’t throw your garbage near me, we don’t want it in the sea / but the fish was never heard, & instead the mean just spread the word / before long everybody disposed of their rubbish in the sea… / that’s where it all fell apart! / the water’s color slowly changed, and the sea was quickly drained / of the life that had lived there, it was now almost completely bare / the man returned, one rainy day, but not to throw garbage away / he planned to catch some fish instead, not knowing they were mostly dead / the man fished all day and night, but simply nothing would bite / caught some boots and metal chains, but threw them back to where they came… / when the sun came up the next day, the man give in when he began to pray