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10cc – everything you wanted to know about lyrics


i took my fantasy to deborah
you know she’s always been a friendly girl
you’ll see her cruise the picadilly streets
and she winks at every man she meets
i’ve been a fan of hers for quite a time
i tried to pull her with a b-mmer line
i asked her would she like a cigarette
and she said let’s go to bed
(’cause that’s what you want)

and so i went
and i was shocked
i was so green
ground i wish you’d swallow me up
she had to laugh
i nearly died
some superstud!
there’s more to this than meets the eye

i hurried back to read the manual through
you know the one that tells you what to do
but all i needed was the confidence
to start and break the ice
experience would be a boon for life
and debbie smiled as i came strolling by
i said i’d like to have a second shot
and i’d give it all i’ve got

and with a twinkle in her eye
she led me by the hand
through a door to a room
above a soho restaurant
and she smiled and told me
not to look so serious
but by the time she’d talked me down
i was delerious, i was away

i had to window shop in amsterdam
but down the troubador in hollywood
i found a lover who was bold enough
to live my fantasy (this isn’t a dream)

i was away
up in the blue
how you gonna make it in a jet
the need to shock
was coming through
where would it end
you’ll never know