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10k.caash – work swag lean lyrics


ay, let me hear that ho, jeff

[verse1: 10k.caash ]
work swag lean swag work swag lean
i was running from a dog then i scratched my knee
d-mn i ripped my jeans
i cannot see
uww i’m trynna beat at her back real quick and clean
i said uww lets go
where we going?
i looked left and it starts snowing
i said uww albert einstein man i’m out of my mind
i went back in time when everything was fine
when i work dip lean and everything was really clean
and i had the lig with the snapback looking clean
i said work swag lean swag work swag lean

[verse2: g.u.n]
up gun deal 20k, 30 came in
up 10k got me off the perc yes indeed
up woah, up droptop in a whole clean
up woah, yeah hit the woah but dont break your sp?ine
up no b-tch, you can’t hit my weed
yeah my swajjur 2cups [?] lean
yeah my swajjur is 2 xans and my [?]
in the hood hit your b-tch but i heard she got fleas
d-mn, work swag dip lean lean swag dip
and dont think she sweet
i shoot u make you woah and dip

[verse3: 10k.caash]
i said lean swag lean swag lean swag lean
i was chilling at the park and the apple fell out of the tree
i said p-ss me some tea
p-ss me some lean
my styleform double so you know that man is leaning
man a whole leaning, leaning to the back
you already know that i’m running a catalog
uww a.k a we call it the black
we call it that hole the f-cking black cat
uww where is the cat with the f-cking hat
ratatata, get your -ss back
i said work swag lean swag work swag lean
work swag lean swag work swag lean