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10k ray – above average intro lyrics


im chasing that check n i flex
yo bihh say she love me i’m dead
free my n-ggas locked up in the feds
im catching this money like dez
i really can’t care bout no b-tch
young n-ggas was hitting them l!cks
i sip and i smoke out a zip
he talking we pop at his shii
chorus x2

1st verse
i cop me a rack every week
blue hunnits i stacked so neat
you cuffing a thot she a freak
i f-ck and i bus on her cheek
i count up the money no sleep
these n-ggas ain’t talking no beef
miami we bringing the heat
smoke strong i ain’t smoking no weak
these b-tches be all on my line
red b-tton i swear i decline
to the top i ain’t waisting no time
can’t trustem you know they be lien
these n-ggas be fake then a b-tch i
i just might ice out my wrist
pouring lean got me feeling so sick
you lay up i f-ck on yo b-tch
these n-ggas be broke then a b-tch
he selling we run with his sh-t
on the block ya i hang with the shooters
he talk9ing we pop at his shii
these n-ggas be loving these hoes
you leave her she f-ck on yo bro
switch hoes like i switch up my clothes
my pockets they fat overload