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10k ray – no hook lyrics


tryna go stack up the profit
these n-ggas be hating the n-ggas be plotting
lil bro i know you ain’t got it
he copy my swag he might be adopted
i just might sip on the lean
boy the young n-gga be clean
big racks they stay in my jeans
i f..k her dam she might join the team
stay balling i feel like walter payton
my shooter walk down serve u like a waitress
stay down young n-gga get money be patient , i had to serve him right out the vaccant , p-ssy n-gga be lien he capping pump faking
pull on yo block im smoking jamacian
bad bihh want to cuff im already taken
getting the gwap i know you can’t face it
free my n-ggas locked down in a cell
can’t trustem you know they gone tell, hit a l!ck im back im back on my scale . u was broke couldn’t even make bail
im popping in dripping like gel
like lucci she wishing me well
we get it we flip it we sell
you ratting we kno you gone tell aye
get the bands im sipping on act
these n-ggas hating ran off with yo ack
feel like serena i get to the racks
can’t trust a soul just how they act
come thru the front door we leave thru the back
slamming yo bihh i feel like im shaq
these n-ggas leach they get to attach
we taking yo shii we ain’t coming back
i ran it up man these n-ggas be stunting
can’t waiste no time if it ain’t about money
12 behind me man i swear i ain’t going
how u so real but you steady hoen
look at yo diamonds them shii not glowing
how you the plug but you steady owing
b-tches be calling its 4 in the morning i got to get it you kno i ain’t going
im taking off i feel like a rocket . toat a stick but you ain’t gone pop it
im the plug were the mf socket get the gwop yea its all about profit
these n-ggas really ain’t shooters
get the brain ain’t no mf tutuor , keep a stick i ain’t talking no ruler
send a blitz now he dancing like uzi
water on me i be dripping jacuzzi
i was down now im up i feel like gucci
flipping the pak n we get it, n-ggas be talking ain’t withit i had to go get it i was stuck n the trenches 10k ran it up these n-ggas be bit…