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10k ray – we do lyrics


say we dont be on that gas , yeah we do
bad bihh got that ahh , yeah she do
say we dont be chasing cash , yeah we do
we watch these n-gg-s steal our swag , yeah we do
yeah we do x 8
verse 1
im smokking this gas , i swear im gone crash
im pushing the gas , you n-gg-s in last
im beating the case , watch what you saying im spraying the k , the n-gg-s they hate , they in way ,im chasing this cake aint taking no breaks , she all on my line , you kno she a dime , you kno that she fine , you kno im gone grind
f-ck whats you talking , you kno what im talking ,im walking in saks , you kno that im ballin , the b-tches they calling im chasing a check , she all on my line , she begging for s-x, look at my neck its doing the dance ,im finessing yo bihh she all on the zans ,im p-ssing her off she all in a trance , im rocking all whites but i might do the vans ,f-ck what you talking i really cant hear ya , f-ck how ya coming i really cant fear you, smoking the gas im high into sp-ce she say that she love me im bussing her face, im k!lling the sh-t beware of the tape ,go nuts in the booth i think im a ape , im counting this dough im breaking the bank