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10k summa – flex like dat (feat. slime dollaz) lyrics


[intro: 10k summa]
yeah straight facts
yeah straight facts
i ain’t gotta act
yeah straight facts
yeah straight facts

[verse 1: 10k summa]
yeah straight facts
yeah straight facts
i ain’t gotta act, i ain’t gotta act
yeah im speaking facts
hit you for that pack
don’t hit my jack, you ain’t getting sh-t back
yeah i do ya like that
that hoe wack and you eat her like a snack
you done kissed that hoe but i hit it from the back
all these hoes wana f-ck with me, all yo hoes wana come with me
why this p-ssy wana look like me, i can see you wana be like me
i flex like that and im coming with the swag
pull in a benz or a godd-mn jag
i flex that, yeah yeah, i flex like that
tooly in my pants, rob you make you dance
if you off like that ima do you real bad
ima do you real bad, ima do you real bad
like a bad b-tch, bad b-tch with
i look at you and you looking kinda
yeah, i flex that , flex like that
and im speaking real facts
yeah straight, yeah straight
i ain’t gotta, i ain’t gotta act

[verse 2: slime dollaz]
and im still flexin, might take me a rap n-gga necklace
who doin some wrestlin, get a n-gga hit with a semi automatic
hoe yes oh i got fashion, i got drip n-gga it ain’t clearance
your hoe be stealin, kick her out the trap cuz dat hoe [???]
she sniff white i told that hoe she bringing spirit
load that mac n-gga, load that choppa
grab that f&n and that glock
i know n-gga that hittin on the block
crack huh, crack yeah
that b-tch add me on twitter, i shoot that k like im jimmer [2x]
i can’t do no internet beef, a hoe come to the trap jack my meat
i got tat like [???]
no, dont diss slime d
snaky hair, snaky there
and i got no heart for no hoe